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Xiph Limited Uganda. How to catch online thieves

How to catch online thieves

Yes, I am just a website designer. But spending so much time on the internet forces you to learn certain things. Things like detecting online thieves. Please read till the end and see if it saves you or anyone you know from being conned. We spend so much time on the internet and we find so many interesting things that keep us engaged, things that we hope to gain from and things that are too good to just ignore. But just like real life, thieves love crowded places and the internet is the mo...

  • 08 Aug, 2016
  • Admin
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Xiph Limited Uganda. Do we have a Macbook Killer?

Do we have a Macbook Killer?

You most certainly may ask that.  However, we would suggest you don't look at it that way. The Macbook Air / Pro has its share of  loyalists and the think pad has its own.

What is interesting though is that even a hardcore Macbook user like my self is smitten by the X1 Carbon. So much so that I may start using it as my primary Laptop. There are many reasons that would fuel the change, like the carbon fibrebody, the mind-blowing trackpads supported superbly by the key pad, t...

  • 21 Aug, 2015
  • Admin
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