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Send Money to Uganda Conveniently

In the confort of your home/office, use your VISA / Debit / Credit or Master Card to send money to any one in Uganda. No paper work is required as money goes straight to the receiver's Mobile Money Account, Bank Account or Online Wallet. Whats more? Its way cheaper than the conventional methods

Pay Utility Bills in Uganda

With this payment system, you can also pay UMEME and Water bills for your loved ones in Uganda. This has been made posible due to the partnership we have created with both UMEME and National Water and Sewerage Corp. If you are in Uganda, it is even much easier since you will not need to own a VISA / Debit card to pay.

Buy Entertainment / Bus Tickets in Uganda

No more travelling to specific places in order to acquire a bus travel ticket or an Entertainment ticket. Everything has been put infront of your computer. Conveniently buy tickets for any event and even send some to your loved ones. Once again, you do not have to be in Uganda to buy a ticket for someone in Uganda

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Shop Online from major Supermarkets

At XiPH Limited, we focus at convenience and confort while doing your day to day activities. If you are among the people who like to see things done without too much hustle, this product was developed just for you. We have put all products from major supermarkets in one location so you can shop from multiple stores at the same time.

We also Deliver to your door step

After we receive your oder, we work hand in hand with the supermarkets that you shoped from in order to make sure that whatever you shoped is delivered to your door step.

Shop for someone in Uganda from any where in the world

Suprise your loved ones back home with packages from supermarkets. You can also send your loved one a gift straight from the shoping mall. We wrap it for you if you request

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Online Market Nakumatt game from XiPH Limited


Working ICT Solutions

Step by step we believe we shall redefine how technology should work. Click Here to see more details on each of our products

iPAY: Online Payments

Pay for virtually anything. Developers in Uganda finally have a payment solution that was developed just for them.

Elite Market: Shop Online

We have intergrated with the main Stores in Uganda Including Nakumatt , Game and Capital Shopers. Whats more? We Deliver

Free Consultancy

Knowledge should be free. Contact us through any of our platforms. Call us or Innitite a live chat and we shall be glad to help