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Website Designing

XiPH Limted is a one stop shop for all your website design, search engine optimisation and online marketing requirements. We specialise in building websites with high impact that work. When you hire us to design your website we'll give you a product that looks great and that actually works for your business or service.

From concreters to lawyers to doctors and even Fortune 500 companies, we've designed websites that spread our customers' message to the masses and that generate income – good income. You're welcome at all times to meet with us so we can work through your website design and development requirements. We don't expect you to provide us with all the content for your website – we employ professional copy writers and we pride ourselves on our creativity.

Unlike some other web design company's, you won't need to wait six weeks for your website to be finished. You'll be surprised at just how efficiently our website design team can operate

High-End Web Design Services

Xiph Limited is recognized for our high-end website design services. Our signature designs are built in-house by our seasoned designers with reliable experience.

Content Management Solutions

We have built over 80 custom management Systems on the following platforms:

  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Smart Site
  • SiteCore
  • Light CMS

Mobile ready Websites

Mobile ready websites improve user experience for website visitors. Our responsive web designs work properly on any device and run from a single Content Management Syatem.

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